Communications is the cornerstone of your business. 

Business Communications of Maine has over 30 years of experience in design and installation, and we are ready to work with you!

Our Services

IP Systems

You want your business to grow exponentially. You also want the peace of mind that your infrastructure systems will grow along with your business. Whether your business needs more phones in its current location or has satellite offices around the country – an IP system gives you more flexibility over a proprietary system. There is no need to have a separate system from your data network, no need to have expensive analog desk phones, and no need to rewire your proprietary system to accommodate offices changes. Other benefits include:

  • Easier to manage because of the web-based configuration interface
  • Call cost reduction
  • Uses existing computer network -No need for separate phone wiring
  • No vendor lock-in
  • The system can grow with your company
  • Better customer service & productivity with software integration features
  • Software-based Phones are easier to use
  • More features included as standard
  • Better control via better reporting
  • Better overview of current system status and calls
  • Allow users to hot plug their phone anywhere in the office

Hosted IP PBX

If your business is looking to have all the functionality as a traditional PBX, but doesn’t want to shoulder the expense of having to own and maintain an expensive piece of switching equipment yourself, then you may want to consider a Hosted IP PBX solution.

By going with a hosted system, you allow for business continuity, scalability, and increased productivity anytime, anywhere. You can expect increased functionality, and ease of mind as management is done off-site. Plus the ability to not have to focus on cost expenditures or depreciation of equipment allows you to focus on what really counts – growing your business.

Hybrid Systems

Want to bring your business to the next level of digital telecom technology where needed, while being still being able to maintain an IP solution? How about deploying a centralized voicemail, receptionist, or management system?

Hybrid phone systems can be designed to be an all-IP solution, an all-digital solution, or a combination of both. They are truly the best of all worlds. With a hybrid system, you can take advantage of all the cost-saving benefits of VoIP without having to invest in a pure IP infrastructure.

We’ve Got Your Back


In today’s world of globalization and connectivity, the key to success is effective flow of data. Effective data demands a solid infrastructure. Business Communications of Maine can design, implement, and maintain the right data solution for you. Keep your data flow optimized and secure!


Business owners today need to know that their businesses, assets, and patrons are protected. Business Communications of Maine understands this importance, which is why we are now offering sales, service, and installation of OptiView surveillance systems.

Voice Solutions

We offer a variety of new and refurbished communications equipment. We have a wide selection of business phones from leading manufacturers. Our certified technicians can install, service, and maintain phone and voicemail systems, as well as troubleshoot dial-tone, fax, and credit card machine issues. Whether you’re a small business with three phones or a large corporation with multiple sites, Business Communications of Maine is ready to serve you!

And That’s Not All . . .


We offer complete structured cabling services that can include cabling your entire building for voice, data, video, and cable TV. We can also add on to your existing infrastructure.


Let us put our over 30 years of experience to work for you. We will work with you to design and install the right system for you.

Refurbished Equipment

We know that purchasing new phones is a big investment. That’s why Business Communications of Maine is offering refurbished equipment. It’s an economical solution that gives you the same high quality as new at an affordable price.


Why spend money on new phones when we can repair your current ones. Our repair facility can take your no-functional phones and return them to you repaired, tested, and cleaned.

Free Consultation

Business Communications of Maine wants to work with you to get you and keep you connected. We are offering a free on-site consult that will assess your current system, and your future system needs.

  • Battery backup test
  • Cabling infrastructure survey/assessment
  • Internet and phone line audit
  • System backup assessment
  • System check to identify potential problem areas
  • System survey

We’re Ready to Help You

With today’s fast-changing technology, along with its own dictionary of technological buzz-words, it can be difficult to know where to even begin.  That’s why you need an experienced team that can assess your needs, and guide you through the process of designing the perfect communication system for you.

Our highly trained technical staff has put in an extensive amount of time in the factory and in-house training, thereby allowing us to take advantage of the latest innovations in communications technology.

Did You Know…

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